This week we have released a new music video: Shine. You can watch it on YouTube clicking here.

Shine was the first song that we wrote after the our debut album came out. We played it live a couple of times and somehow an early version of the tune ended up on YouTube, filmed at Camden Rocks Festival 2016.

A few months before we recorded our second album “How to Make a Giant” we decided not to play this song live ever again. Back then something didn’t feel right, maybe it was the tempo of the song or the arrangements, we don’t know. It just didn’t have enough power to be on our live set.

Funnily enough when we recorded the new album the song got a new life and it became one of our favourites. We liked it so much that we chose it to be the first single and now we play it at every show usually as the set opener.

The video footage was taken from our show at Rock&Buh Festival in Ukraine earlier this year. We hope you like it! And if you do, please share it and help us spread the word.



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