Back on stage, yeah!!


After 3 gigs booked and the same 3 gigs cancelled (see my previous post), we finally got back on stage!

Our first gig of 2013 was last Wednesday 27/03 at The Water Rats (London) and it was awesome! One of our best gigs ever!

Before the gig everything was a bit rushed as Giuliano forgot his snare and we had to go back home to pick it up, arriving again at the venue just 5 mins before we were due on stage. Everything else went smoothly and the gig was great!

live and loud!

Live at The Water Rats, London, 27/03/2013

We played a 8 songs set and it was the first time ever that we played Never Be The Same. It went down well with the crowd! Hats off to the Italian sound guy who did an excellent job! What a difference it makes to play with a decent sound! Just wish every gig was like that!

Now we are taking the next few weeks to work on some new songs. Hopefully we will have a new EP out before summer.

Stay tuned!


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