the good, the bad and the ugly

Last night we played The Enterprise in Camden, last band on at a risky 10:30pm lot. First of all though, I have to give a shout out to The Gentle Italian, who were the first band on the bill. They played their first song, a fun funky reggae type affair, except they had no drummer! (Something I didn’t notice myself until they point it out actually). It wasn’t long however before our very own drummer Phil was offering his services and up there on stage grooving with them as if he had been in the band forever, The Gentle Italian played a great set and everyone had a lot of fun watching Phil just rolling with whatever they did.

Lost Gravity live on stage - 20/07/2011

Come 10:30pm suddenly the smattering of people that had turned up to see us had turned into a decent sized crowd, and the vibe was already set for what we thought was a going to be a great show. Despite the immense heat on stage, no sound check or line check, and a curling banner that insisted we were called “Ost Gravit” the sound was good (thanks to the awesome rock and roll granddad who turned out to be awesome even after telling Breno off all night). With you guys all supporting us though, we had great fun on stage and even managed to sneak on a double song encore after the 11pm curfew at the end of what was possibly our best set to date.

It’s a shame though to see how many over-inflated egos there are in music and how they affect and take away from the kind of fun that made last night so great! For instance, last night we were due to be reviewed by a journalist (and supposed friend) who decided in the end to not show up (third time it’s happened) at the last minute because they decided it would be better to stay indoors for whatever reason. In the end this person decided to just ignore any texts or anything, and thought themselves to be above even apologizing for not showing, and it’s an ego symptom that is all too common sometimes, among bands too! How often have we seen bands that act like Diva’s with no right too and give no appreciation to their own audience and their own fellow bands, and then blame all of the above for not having good shows?

However, big headed people aside, last night was amazing and thank you to all who came down! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we have one more gig this month at Camden Rock (30/7) which we would love to see you all get down to and show some support for Phil, as it is his last gig with Lost Gravity. Hopefully we can make the next gig as fun as the last was, but to do that we need your help! It’s up to you guys to create an awesome atmosphere and a good night for all!


5 responses to “the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Awesome! Great to see you are blogging. Actually as our drummer was not there for band rehearsal our rehearsal ended 9.45pm so I might have just been able to make it. Great that you have a band banner, it is so important to have that as people forget what band is on stage. And don’t worry about no show journalists or whatever…if they can’t keep to their word then they are no good for you long term anyway. At best you would have got one article from them. I can write you a gig review man if I had to ha ha!

    Cool work with the drummer jamming with the reggae band too.

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